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Industries Served Military & Commercial Shipbuilding

Metals for Military and Commercial Shipbuilding

Industries and militaries around the world use enormous freighters and carriers that require non-ferrous materials not only for their structures but also for boilers and other pressure vessels. Non-ferrous metals for pressure vessels, as well as being durable and corrosion-resistant, are lightweight, low-friction materials with excellent thermal and electrical conductivity.

We carry the metals you need for your shipbuilding project: steel, aluminum, and specialty steel alloys. We can also quickly and affordably turn around metal alloys in the shapes, sizes, and grades you need.

Our metals are suitable for every aspect of shipbuilding. With our steel and steel alloys, you can create:

  • Engine parts
  • Frames
  • Propellers
  • Shell plating
  • Rudders

We also offer non-ferrous metals for heat exchanger parts and other boat construction, including copper-aluminum, aluminum, and other alloys. Consult our team to learn more about our alloys and which are best suited for your current and future projects.

Our Team and Services

We can ship every order as Level 1 SUBSAFE — a standard that began in the 1950s after the Navy lost a submarine and crew to failures from substandard parts. We operate under the assumption that every piece of metal we send out will end up in a submarine or a destroyer, aircraft carrier, or other surface vessel. Our production process includes triple checks to ensure quality and safety.

Beyond our rigorous quality control process, we offer several services useful for shipbuilders:

Our team can also create custom shapes and semi-finished parts and work directly from your CAD/DFX files or drawings. Our CNC water jet can produce parts with tight tolerances in copper, copper-nickel, or stainless plate.

Non-Ferrous Metals for Heat Exchanger Components and Pressure Vessels

We are a known and capable supplier of non-ferrous metals for heat exchanger parts and ship construction. Contact our team to learn more about our materials and processes and to request a quote.

Building your Ship with Hillman Inc. Metals and Components

Before steel, ships were primarily built from wood. Neither as durable nor as water-resistant, the material was much less suitable for the application.

It may appear that ships are constructed from the same steel type, but that’s not the case. Here are some common materials used in ship building. 

  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Specialty Steel Alloys

Primary uses of steel in ship making include: 

  • Rudders
  • Frames
  • Engine Parts
  • Doors
  • Propellers
  • Shell Plating

Hillman Inc. is a full service supplier of non-ferrous metals to the shipbuilding industry. With best-in-class inventory and customer service, we can quickly and affordably turn around metal alloys in the grades, sizes, and shapes you require. Contact us today

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Industries Served

We serve major producers in military and commercial shipbuilding, water purification, valves and condensers. As a reference, Hillman Inc. has supplied data on the many metal consuming industry services. 

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Our Processing Services

    • Our processing services include cutting to length, shearing, and sawing standard and custom shapes. We can also create custom shapes or semi-finished parts, ready for your final finishing and assembly. Working directly from your CAD/DXF file or drawing, we can water jet machine complex parts out of virtually any material.
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